carrot-zuchini breadSo the organic veggie co-op boxes still arrive every Friday and I scramble all weekend to cook and bake for the week. For the most part I have been successful in eating or freezing it all and there’s been almost no waste.

When they brought me mountains of carrots and zukes, I made curries and Carrot-Zuchini Bread. I used this recipe with whole wheat flour, cutting back on the sugar, adding lemon zest, and baking for 45 min rather than an hour.

There have been way too many quiches. I kind of follow the ideas of this recipe just using whatever veggies and cheese are here and sometimes leaving out the bacon. The quiches vary in success, but seem always to be edible at the very least. Heh.

And today, because Misa suggested it, I tried this roasted sweet potato salad.


I subbed carefully based on what is on-hand: cannellini beans, dried hot peppers, lemons, etc.


The sweetness of the potatoes is nicely balanced by the bitter lemon juice and the hot peppers. It really is delicious!


I look forward to trying it cold for lunch on this sunny Sunday as I ponder what the heck to do with three heads of different kinds of lettuces.