Some folks dye eggs on Easter, but I simmered up some wool in my favorite green and purple instead.


Soak yarn in warm-ish water and white vinegar in a simmering/soup pot for a while. I don’t know how much or for how long, I just pour in what feels right but doesn’t smell too bad and wait until I get bored with waiting.


Drag out the yarn for a second and add food dye. Again, I’ve just experimented enough to know how much is enough. Not sure I’ll ever get into precision dyeing for myself.


Don’t you love the gnome-y bottles?

I used the basic green and yellow to make the green (one bottle of each to dye two 220yd hanks of worsted) and a whole thingy of the neon purple to do one hank of this purple. I was going for really saturated colors this time. You can use less or mix and match other colors to get wildly varying results.

green stew

Simmer for a while and then turn off the heat and let it cool. The yarn soaks up all the dye and the water it’s sitting in becomes practically clear. Then carefully wash the hanks and rinse until the water runs clear again.


The McCormick’s dyed colors have been colorfast and lightfast for me for the past six years. And I love the vibrancy of this particular green. It really is the best green ever and no blanket of mine is complete without it.