My favorite intern on Bones is Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray–the one with a chronic bout of trivial verbal diarrhea who recently won big on Jeopardy and then turned to a life of debauchery.

There aren’t many commemorate-able moments on the show, but I loved this scene when he does step 9–making amends–with Brennan. He admits to wearing her iguana as a hat and this is his explanation for how he kept it on his head.


The scene begins at 20:50 in this episode.

There’s also been some progress on the blanket since last week. I kept accidentally hooking more than two rounds and having to rip back. But eventually I just decided to keep going and allow the improv with square sizes that clearly wanted to happen.


Working with such small pieces can obscure progress, so I started this chart.

April 25

The darker inner jagged region is what was done last week and the lighter region is what got added since then. Knowing the 1024 square-unit target allows me to see how far there is to go and keeps me motivated right now. I do hope to avoid having the chart get me down eventually…

It’ll be a weekend of all real-life work with no textiles in sight. You all need to celebrate big merry Crafturdays for me too!