It still gets super cold here at night and i like wearing fingerless mitts to stay warm while working. Luckily, I have friends who will knit for me in exchange for miniquilts!

the center

This is my quilt-as-you-go 17″ miniquilt that’ll go in the mail to Michelle, the owner of a lovely yarn and fiber shop in Canada, The Sweet Sheep.

roygibiv mini

And here is the back, since some folks asked to see it. There are just four lines of quilting attaching the backing.


The whole thing crinkled up quite nicely after a bath and a turn in the dryer. And, umm, I started making a similar one without qayg.


Michelle knit me some Toasts from handspun and tucked in some sweet treats and some of her handspun yarn! I must confess that I have a penchant for candy bars from Canada and beyond. These will last me a few months. nom!


Thanks, M!