Thanks for the advice on the onions, folks! There are plenty here to use to try all of your suggestions and it’s a good thing they can be frozen.

The work at RealJob has been relentless the past few weeks and shows no signs of subsiding for a couple more weeks. I haven’t gotten to sew at all and the withdrawal symptoms are kicking in now. Now photography is no substitute for textiles, but it has been nice to retreat behind the camera from time to time and get into it again.

This tree with lovely pink blossoms is in front of my house and I park under it.


In the recent rains, the petals showered over the car, creating nice photo ops–both through the windows and from outside.



It was funny to try to balance an umbrella overhead while leaning in for macro shots but trying not to lose what little light there was.



Have a lovely weekend, folks! I hope it’s filled with sunshine, happiness, and lots of craftiness.