Oy. So another pound of onions arrived from the organic co-op on Friday. I had to hunker down and get serious since some of the ones that came a couple weeks ago had already begun to sprout and time was now a factor. The best recipe tool I have on-hand is Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything iphone app (it was only $1.99 when I got it last year). It is the book–a huge behemoth that I do own–in a very convenient format.

I searched on “onion” and then picked out soup, quiche and quick-bread recipes based on your recommendations. The app automatically creates an editable grocery list for you and sorts by store aisle.

Saturday was all about the soup. I made my own sourdough croutons and everything! It was lovely to leave out the intrusive cheesy layer and just enjoy some light but rich beef stock with melted onions.

Then today I began by making this Onion Pan Bread.







turned out

It’s like a pineapple upside down cake only savory with onions and biscuit-y rather than cake-y. I served it up with some shrimp (simply sauteed in butter with a little cayenne).


If I made this again, I’d:

  • add something flavorful or aromatic to the batter. If serving with seafood, lemon zest might be good. As always, bacon (crumbled) would change it for the better. Or just some fresh thyme?
  • use dark brown sugar rather than light. The flavor is fine, but a darker carmelization would be stunning for presentation.
  • try to make a cornmeal-based batter. Serving with shrimp reminded me of home and made me jones for cornbread…

Next recipe up: an onion-based quiche or tart–with bacon and goat cheese, of course.

Next dilemma: what to do with the eight heads of organic garlic recently delivered…