Every day, but especially when RealJob gets super insane, I make time to commune with textiles. If the time that I make is necessarily brief, then I’ll usually turn to hooks or sticks first, rather than the sewing machine. Portability and quick accessibility are the best characteristics of a project to work on in faster-paced times of whirling RealJob ideas and activities.


Although I may or may not have wept this morning in want of indulging in some handquilting, this blanket has been the perfect project to preserve sanity for the past few weeks. I just stuff a ball of yarn and a hook into my bag and whip up a pile of 2-round granny squares wherever I am. And while reading thousands of pages of stuff, I’ll use getting to make a square as a motivational treat for getting through each 20 or 50 pages.


progress chartProgress is still discernible because I build those little squares up into scrappy 9-patches and then seam onto the body of the blanket. If I may be so bold, I must say that this chart has been my best idea ever and I find that I just can’t wait to update it every few days. Every addition is a WIN!

For the first time, on Saturday, I unfurled the body of the blanket on the couch and really got the sense that this thing will be done someday. It is pretty much full length and I just need to build out the width until it’s big enough and then go a little further until I get bored. A sweet scalloped edging is the treatment in my mind’s eye, but it’s more likely to be something simple rather than pseudo-frilly. No i-cord, though; I’ve learned my lesson…


Theoretically, this is the final week of RealJob wackiness for a while, but it seems to be seeping into the weeks ahead too. Perhaps June will bring a little peace?

I’ll try not to bore you with this project, but it’s all I’ve got right now–well, other than onions and garlic.

Have a great week, folks!