Well, so it’s not all work and crochet around here. I have been doing other things, although sparingly.

Been spinning:

been spinning

I indulged in this batt a couple of weeks ago thinking that it would get me back into spinning. It did! After a day of rest, I’ll Navajo ply this single. And I’m now diving into my fiber stash to come up with the next project.

Been reading:

I’m only about 50 pages into Pym but it has captured me. A self-labeled blackademic at a small liberal arts college on the Hudson is denied tenure because he begins a relentless pursuit of Poe’s Pym (rather than fulfilling his narrow duty of teaching African-American literature) and for refusing to serve on the college’s Diversity Committee. The drunken opening scenes are absurd but sadly ring true…and then the adventure begins. I catch myself actually snickering out loud and it should be a fun read the whole way.

Been photographing:

In the slick ice of winter I get out of the habit of carrying my camera with me everywhere. It’s been nice to stuff the big one into my bag and take slow walks to work for the past few weeks. I’ll share some of the shots later.

Been admiring:

I hope your week is going well!