Well, so I pretty much slept through the past few days. Did anything big happen?

In moments when awake, I did some reading and propped myself up to do a bit of crochet. The one morning when I tried sewing, I cut out 25 squares of fabric and then had to sleep for an hour. So…it was a low-impact weekend.

Inspired by that scalloped crochet edging from the last blanket, I searched for other edging ideas online. And this book came up:

Around the Corner

It’s Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner: Crochet Borders. After getting my mind blown by her Beyond the Square: Crochet Motifs last year, it took me just a second to order up this border book and plunk down the extra $3 for next-day delivery. These are both interesting books that push one to reconsider the possibilities of crochet.

She provides us with a range of border types. In fact, there are 150 different borders in the book. And they are different. Unlike most pattern compendiums that just give you ten simple variations on one idea, she manages to provide new ideas on each page.

sample borders

And each border comes with both a chart and written step-by-step instructions. The photos of the samples are high-quality and can also serve as a guide when one tries to make one.

She also provides some whimsy. I love these corkscrews! And I love the little tips here and there on how to change up a pattern to be a little different.


I’m now excited to finish up the next blanket so that I can try out a border!

[Full disclosure: I buy a whole lotta crafting books and the two linked herein were part of my usual investment. Also, I don’t have one of those affiliate accounts with Amazon. I just linked to that site for simplicity.]