…with the granny square.


There were a few questions yesterday so I thought I’d post some answers here. And then if there’s still time I’ll tell you more about that new blanket.

How to learn crochet basics?

Well, I learned twice. My mother is an avid crocheter; she could start and finish an entire blanket in one weekend, if given a steady supply of diet coke and mystery shows on tv. I was taught the basic stitches (chain, single and double), I made my obligatory little square, and then I didn’t think about crochet again until a few years ago. I picked up a copy of The Happy Hooker on a whim. And after practicing the basic stitches again by making a couple of scarves, Blanket Mania began.

In this, the Internet Age, one can find great free tutorials online. Consider this one at the Purl Bee. There are likely to be decent videos also. Take a moment to do a search.

How to learn the basic granny square?

Again, the Purl Bee has a great granny square tutorial. They guide you through each step with nice photos.

granny square

For other, sorta fancier granny squares, I use Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks. That 200 is an extreme exaggeration, but the blocks that are in there are still really pretty. She gives some nice ideas for combining blocks and for choosing color combos. And I sometimes use her section on basic stitches as a reference. I highly recommend this book as a block resource.

Where to find granny square inspiration?

There is seemingly unending inspiration for blankets on Ravelry. It’s free to join the site and there you’ll find patterns, discussion groups, and tons of photos of completed blankets. I like to wander through the galleries of Afghans and Blankets and Granny Squares from time to time. Both of those groups have some interesting discussions on joining squares and about edgings.

Visit the Crochet Afghans group on Flickr for some nice eye-candy. My bloggy friend Ruth’s scrappy granny in-progress jumps right out from the first page this morning.

And there’s Babette, which is a lovely blanket pattern adapted from a Kaffe Fassett quilt pattern. I’ve made several versions of this one both in crochet and quilting. You can see many versions of it in its Flickr group. The pattern is quite well written. The block only requires chaining and double crochet; and you’ll need to know how to change colors.

Some pretty Babettes I have known and loved: by Pumpkinmama, by Monika, by Maryse, by Anne, and by Nova.

What about that new blanket?

Here’s a photo of the germ of the idea for the blanket. It has been transformed rather drastically.

germ of an idea

Maybe I’ll save this story for next week.