So there are these virtual quilting bees. You know what I’m talking about? Each month one person sends out fabrics and requests that a certain block be sewn for them. Everyone in the bee sews and returns the finished blocks, theoretically, by the end of the month. At a certain moment this past winter I was in five of these bees at once. Yes, five.* And all of this was while I was buried in work and unable to do much more than crochet a granny square on the run. I should have tried to keep up better, but…things happen.

And so I made it all the way to June with 28 blocks to make on my plate. To be sure, in one bee I was tasked with sewing double-duty, so really there were fewer missing assignments than it seems. With bravado, I woke up last Friday and thought that I could knock them all out in one day. Just keep the coffee flowing and the iron full of steam! Surely I can make it happen!


But, of course, the story does not end there. There were hsts. Hsts coming out of my ears! Me, oh my! For all of the blocks, there were all the instructions to read and re-read–gotta follow the rules! Oy. There shouldn’t be this much pressure in patchworking. And so I took breaks.

On those breaks I did my RealJob. So they weren’t really breaks. At some point I overdid it. So I slowed down.

But I got all the blocks done within three days. And they actually were fun to make. Here’s my favorite: an improv block for One Shiny Bee.

for Rangsiwan

And here’s a little video of all 28. You can also see them over in the start of this set on Flickr.


And now I’m off to the post office to get these out before the June fabrics arrive…


Oh, and these definitely better count for part of my 60 Blocks of Summer! Come on over and join in on the fun–it officially starts on Saturday. This is a relaxed community of block-makers who encourage each other to reach their own goals. Last year I made 122 blocks. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll hit that mark this year, but that’ll be my goal. Seems that 60 blocks in three months isn’t unreasonable for most experienced crafters, especially when you get to define a “block.” See? Totally laid-back. The group is full of just inspiration and support!

*Now, I’m only in two bees and that soon will go down to just one. Whew.