We once talked about stuff around here and my current effort to limit my fabric (and yarn) buying.

I’ve done quite well at this and have become more mindful of when and how and why I buy. Most of my impulsive online purchases are late at night or early in the morning. When I indulge, I either buy a bundle of something sweet or I skulk around in a destash or a sale section somewhere putting together my own random bundle with a max dollar amount in mind. And I do this mainly in times of stress when I don’t have much time to sew.

Knowing these things about myself has allowed me to monitor my actions more closely. I don’t visit shops early in the morning very much anymore, I do still prefer to shop for small pieces at more affordable prices, and I try to replace shopping time with crafting time–even if it’s just ten minutes here or there. New stashing still occurs but not as often and I tend to be more choosy.

Back at the end of March, at the peak of the stress of RealJob, I treated myself to some hand-batiked flour sack towels from margotbianca. It actually was a tweet from my friend Amanda that set me on this path. We daydreamed together about using her bandanas to make quilts. And I couldn’t shake the idea.


I got all grabby and indulged myself with many colors.


The flour sack fabric is sturdy, the colors quite vibrant, and the crispness of her printed shapes is impressive. And I special-ordered some bunnies on blue to round out the palette.

omg bunnies!

I’ve seen handbags and baby clothes handmade from her fabrics and just also simply used as intended.

After a week of slow work, these flour sack towels are now a simple quilt that I’ll show you tomorrow.