or rather, on being monogam-ish with making stuff.

A short while ago, I was really excited about the results of religiously practicing project monogamy–working on just one thing at a time–with this blanket. And I even made similar headway with that red and white blanket-in-progress until the sewing machine recaptured my heart and I decided to devote my time to those 28 bee blocks and that simple quilt.

The past few weeks are the perfect illustration of my usual easily-distractable crafty nature. Once deep into a big project, shiny new ideas or just any other project will lure me away. Lacking discipline in this arena leads to the embarrassingly large number of works-in-progress on my list.

Folks, there is a ton of yarn and fabric in the house and even more on the way here. So it’s time to buckle down and get some stuff finished! I shall allow myself to work on two things at a time and only start new things if they have immediate deadlines. This is monogam-ish because it’s not just one project on deck, but should show greater output than when my attention is divided between more than thirty things at once.

What’s in the current rotation?

This blanket is close to almost being close to done. Heh. Just 22 or so more blocks and a nice kinda fancy border to go.


This quilt top got the monogam-ish treatment last week and now just needs the binding handsewn to the back.


Many of my works-in-progress are at least half-done and it’s always a shock to see how little is left to do. Let’s see what can be achieved with just a little discipline. Shall we?