… also known as Oh, Scrap!

i've got the blues

Looks like this quilt began with some color block improv back in September 2010, using some scraps and this tutorial.

some of the blues

I just kept making the color blocks working color by color through the blues and the reds until I got bored. Using the multi-colored scrap cast-offs, I also put together a few combos.

Now the seams get rather gnarly in this kind of patchwork and I’d had just enough of managing it, so against my better judgement, back in December I chose to sash with some Osnaburg cotton. I really did drag my feet through the sashing process because I couldn’t tell if it was a good idea or not. So that did take six months to do.

in progress

After some channel quilting and a few diagonals, Cupid’s arrow found my heart! I love Jack!

some quilting

Jack’s binding is a red solid and a little bit of a floral scrap. [The handsewing went quite quickly while watching Law & Order UK this weekend. I’ve never seen the US version in any flavor. Guess I might try it now.]


After a nice warm bath, Jack suffered from quite a bit of shrinkage. The loose weave on the Osnaburg induces some amazing crinkling that resulted in a reduction of about 3″ in both length and width. I’ll have to remember this ratio for planning quilts in the future.


If you don’t mind, we’re gonna go snuggle now.

The Details:

Pattern: improv scrappy work using this tutorial; sashed with cornerstones
Materials: various cotton scraps; Osnaburg cotton for sashing; cotton yardage for backing
Techniques: machine pieced; machine quilted; hand-bound
Finished Size: about 62″ square

Started: September 4, 2010
Finished: June 12, 2011