Another quick round-up of inspiring folks and things…

— I wonder if Kristin LaFlamme has a fan club? If so, then I’d like to be Cupcake Captain! Check out this log cabin-ish delight and the transformation of this quilt over time. I love her feminist sensibility, like in her apron series, and the way she talks about her work on her blog.

— Each morning there’s a dose of inspiration to be found in Lynne’s world. Her seemingly effortless piecing of super complex blocks just knocks me out. She’s quite a witty gal too!

— How about some handprinted fabric? Over at Summersville you can find some intricate prints on sweet fabrics and even on a mug! I treated myself to a few small pieces last week. Now I can’t figure out what on Earth would be worthy of them.


— And some amazing colorwork knitting from my hero Ann. Here’s her latest blanket and a gorgeous shawl that I could only dream of trying to knit.