These are outtakes from my project journal. Yesterday we learned about the yarn and tomorrow we’ll get to see the end of the story. In light of my recent projects, this first post on the evolution of my own use of colors is kind of funny to read now.

October 10, 2007

Exploring Colors…

When I started reading blogs two years ago, Yarnstorm was one of the first that captivated me. Jane’s colors are electrifyingly brilliant and she has no reticence about producing combinations that make me blush. Her book provides lots of the same eye-candy.

Exploring colors...

For years I shied away from using any colors other than navy, forest green, burgundy, or black. But blog-reading and flickr-stalking opened me up to exploring new colors, if only to wear on my feet.

April 10, 2008

Curried Hedgerows: one gusset done

So many have finished their beautiful Hedgerow Socks, that I remembered mine hadn’t been seen since October. They came out of hiding for a little while.

Curried Hedgerows: one gusset done (C365:101)
The ribbing pattern in this has no rhythm and so it’s a real drag to keep going. But the pretty heel flap is what attracted me in the first place and so I stuck it out to get this far…

August 2010

A Ravelry note:

August 2010: this continues to be the most torturous knit of my life. i work a few rows and then wish i never learned to knit. if it weren’t for this yellow yarn, i’d quit.