This is the final entry in my project journal about these socks. On Monday we learned about the yarn and yesterday I gave insight into the torturous pattern. Finally, here are the finished socks!

June 2011

Giving up

For the past three and a half years, I’ve picked up these socks here and there to try to make some progress. Every session with them ends one of two ways: (1) I mess up on the ribbing, rip back to before the error, and then toss across the room; or (2) I get bored to tears and then toss the socks across the room. Let me tell you, there’s nothing satisfying about throwing little socks across the room onto a squishy couch.

Let’s end the torture, shall we? We have the lovely ribbed heel flaps that somehow motivated me in the beginning.

Curried Socks: heels

But I think that abruptly ending the ribbing and finishing the feet up with some stockinette is just fine. And, no. I don’t care that the socks don’t match. Life is much too short.

Curried Socks: all done

I finally figured out just the right foot length before a wedge toe. (Most of my handknit socks are just a teeny-tiny smidgen too small.)

Curried Socks: all done

They are done. And suddenly I feel free.

Curried Socks: leaping

What’s next?

The details:
Pattern: Hedgerow Socks
Yarn: The Knittery’s merino/cashmere blend that I handdyed with turmeric
Sticks: 2.25mm then 2.5mm after I got bored
Mods: switched over to stockinette on the feet once I couldn’t take the ribbing anymore
Started: October 8, 2007
Finished: June 13, 2011