A few folks commented on the Not A Square to Spare blanket saying that it seemed like the little crosses looked like flowers. And so I decided to try to make a blanket that looked like it actually had flowers and petals scattered on it.

germ of an idea

I even made partial flowers and clustered the blocks in unexpected ways to make it look more organic. But, gosh, all that whitespace is boring to make. I made most of this blanket last month while hopped-up on painkillers and forced to stay home. The project needed to be simple but engaging.

After frogging and regrouping, I decided to keep with the red and white palette and turn it into a medallion-styled design, with each separate block design improvised.


blanket plan

a corner

And I tried out a fancy border from that fancy border book. But the overall look of the improvised design turned out way too complex to handle additional embellishment. So I went with a round of single crochet followed by a mini-bobbled round.

the edging

Glad to know I can still achieve some super craziness with a limited color palette.

A Study in Scarlet

This was fun! Part of me is tired of granny squraes now and ready to move on to new things. For instance, now I kinda want to make a quilt version of this. But tomorrow I’ll update you on how that monogamish-ness is going.

The details:
Pattern: improvisation in plain granny squares within a medallion construction
Yarn: various worsted weight yarn in reds, pinks and cream
Hook: 4.5mm
Size: about 62″ square
Started: May 25, 2011
Finished: June 20, 2011