Thanks for your kind comments about the new red blanket! I’ll be replying to everyone via email later this morning. Thanks for your patience.

Here’s an update on what I’m doing craft-wise. Sorry that I couldn’t edit out all the angst. I tried.

The monogamish approach seems to be working. That is, even though I’ve had to take each day slower than usual lately, progress is palpable! I finished this quilt (Jack), these curried socks, and this red blanket and more. But that blanket will be the last in the parade of finishes for quite a while.

Working from a big pile of works-in-progress involves some life-or-death decisions. Sometimes a long-standing WIP just has no hope and it’s best to let it go. For example, I frogged this bias striped blanket and began turning the yarn into something I’m more likely to finish.


How about some hexagons instead? We are already calling this the Viewmaster Blanket.


With the work that I’ll be doing for the next six weeks, it’s important to have a portable project and these hexagons fit the bill nicely.

And I have resurrected George. The precision sewing he requires is slow and tedious, but I think at least the patchwork can be finished in the next few months. Here he is adorned with a brand new round of stars.

George, growing

To my eye, George is quite handsome and I fret quite a bit; I worry that one poor choice will wreck him. In particular, as the patchwork gets closer to being finished, I am anxious about the quilting. What design would be appropriate? Any ideas?

All in all, I must say: Hooray for monogamish-ness! But I’ll try not to bore you with too many shots of the incremental progress on these two.