So during my super busy time at work when there isn’t much crafting going on, I thought I’d talk a little about some of my quirks. I am not so bold as to call them “tips” since that would indicate that I thought they were necessarily good ideas, which they aren’t always.

When I make binding, I am generally too lazy to measure my quilts and make just enough binding. I have a sensation for the measurement of the perimeter and then I tend to add 20 or 30 inches to that. So I always have extra. And if the extra is longer than an inch, then I add it to my Big Ball of Binding, otherwise known as Frankenstein-ish binding.


Then whenever there’s enough Franken-binding, it works perfectly as already prepared binding for super scrappy quilts!

I also have been known to add “uglies” onto the ball just to use up long-languishing fat quarters from the stash here and there.