Last week I was getting way too tense about the impending work that I am currently buried under. At the same time I had two big on-going projects nowhere near completion. So I decided that I needed something small to work on so that I wasn’t overwhelmed in everything at once.

Now, I have a standard baby gift that I send to friends who are new parents: a stack of counting books. I don’t tend to make stuff and I certainly don’t kill myself to make stuff for little ones just in time for the birth. There are lots of reasons why I refrain but we need not go into them here.

And so it was a huge surprise suddenly to be inspired to make a little something for the baby of someone I’ve never met. Perhaps it was just the perfect moment? Anyway, Megan seems like the kinda chick I’d like to spend time with geeking out about quilts and fighting with over sexy yarn.

raw materials



in pink


the back

Olivia's Quilt

Welcome to this crazy world, Olivia!

The Details:
Pattern: improv letters based on Word Play Quilts and improv patchwork
Materials: a buncha Kona in pinks, some floral scraps, number yardage for the back, and some muslin
Techniques: machine pieced, machine quilted, hand-bound
Size: about 33″ square
Started: June 30, 2011
Finished: July 3, 2011