So…yeah. I spin. Taught in 20 minutes by a friend who loaned me her wheel for a year, I started back in 2007 going into my first research sabbatical. It was just the right time to begin learning a new skill.

After a lifetime of musical training, I approach learning new things in a methodical way: seek some instruction (from a person or a book), study works you admire, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail, learn from those mistakes and failures, and finally PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

tree of life

I spun tons of unusable wool snot balls in the process. And I stashed a bunch of wrong fibers. [Yeah, cotton and flax, I’m talking to you: Kiss my ass.] My spinning mojo comes and goes and I don’t practice often enough to feel confident in my abilities. Worst of all, my back would ache and my knees screamed out because all of my chairs are way too high off the floor for my shortness.

day three zero five: spinning

But a couple of months ago I tried spinning on the couch and it works great! There’s no pain except in my hands from pinching the fiber and so my endurance has increased exponentially.

Having gone in for a final minor surgical procedure this weekend and being couch-bound anyway, I decided to finish up the yarn I started months ago. These only needed to be plied.


Valentine: 1.5oz batt from Traveling Rhinos made 50yds of Navajo 3-ply heavy worsted. [Fiber content: handdyed merino and superwash merino and corriedale wools, plus merino/silk, ecospun (made from recycled plastic) fiber, tencel nepps, and firestar and angelina sparkle.]

Denim and Khaki

For the June 2008 installment of the Traveling Rhinos fiber club, Eling personalized the fiber for each participant. I requested denim and khaki colors but left all the other parameters open for her to choose. And I love it! [Batt contents: corriedale, mohair, suri alpaca, merino, bfl, tencel, tussah silk, angelina] This skein of yarn uses only the two semi-solid batts in the front and made 80yds of Navajo 3-ply worsted.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life: Terra Bella Spun [merino/mohair, 3oz]. This made 115yds of Navajo 3-ply dk/worsted.

The mojo is back! And I’m working on this rustic Corriedale now.

big ball

The fiber was purchased at the Kutztown fair last Friday and I’ll tell you all about the fair tomorrow.