Every summer a brochure comes in the mail. It’s addressed to a long-gone previous tenant but I always keep it, pinning it to the fridge and intending to check into the event being advertised: the Kutztown Folk Festival. The dates are inconvenient, happening in the middle of an annual explosion of work, and so I’ve never gone…until now.

We drove through a nasty rainstorm only to arrive late and have just one hour to explore before the venue closed. The rains chased the crowds away, so really we had the place to ourselves and an hour was plenty of time to see some things and decide to vow to return next year.


This festival is known for its quilt auction. The quilts are Amish and PA Dutch traditional. And there are lots of them.



A zillion lone star quilts, though mostly small ones, were quite impressive.


lone stars

The blue ribbon quilts did not disappoint. (There was no info about the quilters provided, unfortunately.)

a blue ribbon quilt



And a couple of nice ladies demonstrated quilting on this cross stitch design. They said it would be donated through their church.


Beyond the quilt barn one finds lots of tents with vendors. We mostly passed those by in order to see more of the displays. There were folks demonstrating woodwork, natural dyeing, and vintage machines, for example.


I must admit to being drawn into a wool tent (where I bought some yarn and some Corriedale) and also succumbing to the siren call of a handmade Shaker box.


I’ll leave you with some glimpses of the petting zoo area. There were bunnies, ducks, a cow, a peacock, a llama, some goats, pigs, a horse, a pony and more all packed into much-too-small pens in the wet heat.



at the fair

If I had my druthers, a baby pygmy goat would be living in my house right now.


But this imposing and very pregnant mom made clear that that was not an option.