Yet another rumination about stash…

When it comes to spinning, I tend to do well managing fiber stash if I spin as soon as the fiber comes in the door. Fiber stashed becomes fiber forgotten. And though forgotten, I still carry the guilt of stash lingering unspun. I wonder sometimes if a yarn-of-the-week challenge might work to make progress spinning down the stash? Eh, I’ll hold that idea for a while.

Anyway, last week I wanted to support the local wool artisan at the Kutztown Folk Festival and that resulted in the adoption of this human-head-sized 8oz ball of Corriedale. It’s from Knit Picker in Lebanon, PA.


The roving was rustic, a little rough and lanolin-ly but the drafting was smooth and it took little time to spin the singles–separated by weight into two equal portions. The first season of The Big Bang Theory on dvd from Netflix got me through this process. [An aside: this show is quite hilarious and also rings quite true: I know real-life versions of each character archetype in it. Sheldon is no exaggeration… *shudder*]


The traditional 2-plying seemed to take forever, but I got into a good rhythm while watching a few episodes of The Worst Week of My Life and re-watching the pilot of Firefly. I gave up once the bobbin was overstuffed and the flyer wouldn’t turn any more. I then plied up a second hank.


It all turned out to make 380yds of worsted weight yarn.


Riding this wave o’ new skillz and motivation, I whipped up this yellow delight. The fiber is 4oz of Falkland, a birthday gift handdyed by Nova.


The predrafted fiber was mesmerizing.


And I fell deeply in love with the single. It’s fluffy and yellow!

spinning in progress

But I went for a traditional 2-ply and it turned out to make 175yds of dk/worsted.


Sooooo…what’s next? Well, I’ll keep spinning over here. Also? I’ve gotten some questions about what I do with these small amounts of handspun yarn. If I get up the nerve, I might show you.