Well, so I spin. Yep. Yes, I spin. But I am terrible at actually using the resulting yarn.

I have knit baby clothes with some, like a couple of hats and an EZ Tomten jacket.

Ice Cream Tomten

And a scarf that was featured in Spin-Off magazine.

Fresh Squeezed Scarf (C365:24)


Neck warmer with button. (C365:27)

Procrastination Cowl (C365:274)

And some socks:

The Socks With No Name: a journey

Beyond that, this is what I do with my handspun yarn:

how i "use" handspun yarn

Those are about 100 skeins of wool re-wrapped in the baggies the fiber came in and labeled with fiber content and yardage. You can see the individual hanks over here in a flickr set.

I predict a blanket or something big happening sometime…maybe.


I’m not willing to take on guilt about this stash, however. A hank of handspun yarn is a finished object in and of itself. Its creation is the result of the work of a breeder, a shepherd, a shearer, a cleaner, a carder, a dyer and a spinner–all artisans bringing expert skillz to the table. Sure, further value can be conferred if the yarn is knit, woven or crocheted or whatever, but let’s take a moment to enjoy the yarn-y achievement without insisting that it’s only valuable when used.

But I might make a blanket…or two.


This dithering makes me feel a Spinning Manifesto brewing in my mind. Shall we ruminate a bit?

Why spin? Why not?