During this time of heavy RealJob work, I am presenting some of my crafting quirks from time to time. They aren’t really tips, but rather just accounts of “how I do things.” Do let me know if you think there’s a more efficient way.

I’ve been struggling with my yarn stash lately; and I really only mean the worsted weight blanket yarn stash for the moment. I keep a large number of skeins and hanks on-hand for impulsive project starts.


This is an affordable approach if you can catch sales here and there.


And–in my current frenzied color state–it’s best to have a wide range of colors on-hand. But the colors need to be sorted.


So how best to store the yarn for efficient usage? Well, I use about six of these bins (some mostly empty). They are nicely portable and allow for periodic rearrangement of colors.

Crafting Quirk #2

When working on a project, I’ll gather a few colors into a small bin and then use smaller baskets to micro-manage the usage. The current blanket requires three little baskets to help pseudo-randomize. Colors just used go into a smaller basket and only return to the rotation once all colors have been used. But since there are fewer choices for some of the colors, the third basket helps keep those in play a little more often.

baskets in action

I haven’t really explained the idea well. Seems a bit too complicated to me, but it also seems to be working. Oy.

On another note: I’m thinking it’s time to use up this stash and move on to different sorts of projects other than blankets. Or…I should move on to make big blankets with my deep sock yarn stash.