Thanks, folks for your comments on all those redwork samplers. And I wish great honey badger luck to those with charts!

I thought I’d show you some swap booty today. Someday, I will get up the nerve to talk about swaps as a theoretical construct and possibly even tell you about the ones that don’t work out well. But for now, let’s just look at some super sweet stuff!

The Not-Swaps:

Sometimes an online buddy will just ask about a book somewhere. If I have the book but haven’t used it in a while, then I’m happy to share. This is what happened with Sarah a few months ago. I offered to send her the book and just asked that she send me a little something handmade in return. Umm…


Well, she didn’t just send me a little something handmade. She knit me a blanket!


To be specific, Sarah knit a beautiful version of the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I’m pretty sure I swooned when I opened the box. And I am ever vigilant to hear if she seeks some other books so that I may keep up my end of this bargain…

I also just like to buy books written by some of my blog acquaintances. It seems nice to support them. So I bought a copy of Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee. It’s a really lovely book with nicely written “modern” designs. And I think this book is absolutely great for beginners. Well, new quilter Maryse expressed interest in the book, I think the improvisational designs suit her well, and so I just sent her the book. She offered some spinning fiber, but I just wanted to give it to her because I think she’s could do amazing things in quilting.

But she sent me a big box of candy anyway! She knows that I always love candy, especially if it comes from other countries.



The Swaps:

I also engaged in a few more traditional swaps this year. Back in the Spring. I put out a call for some handknit fingerless mitts and within minutes some folks volunteered to swap with me.

First, Stacie knit up these Endpaper Mitts using her own handspun yarn!

my new mitts!

She tucked in several other goodies like a handmade book and this color wheel quilt kit that she put together. You can’t see it, but step 6 says “Sew those bitches together.” Heh!


In trade, I designed and made Lenny for her. It was a really amazing experience to get to make such a quilt with her in mind.

Second, Danielle made these great purple mitts for me and tucked in some Cormo spinning fiber. Now, I gotta say, I’ve never worn mitts that fit me more perfectly! In exchange, I’ll be sewing and knitting for her new bundle of joy who is due in January.


By the way, don’t even pretend that you wouldn’t do finger guns when modelling handknit mitts. It’s the most natural pose ever.

And finally, I swapped with Pam. She offered to make me a hat instead since there were already plenty of mitts being knit up. And she did, using her own gorgeous pattern. Gah. I love the red, which I haven’t captured very well in these photos and I love the fit–even though I need cooler weather to commit to wearing it right long enough for photos.


Now we spoke quite a bit about design ideas and I ended up going in circles on a miniquilt for her. Over a few weeks, there was a “bitch” quilt, there was a design with some Nowregian-inspired cutout dolls, and there were quite a few more feminist concepts. In the end, she came around to the desire for something colorful and geometric. By that time, I realized that I’d already made a miniquilt back in 2009 that fit the bill.

babs: for mini quilt week

This is about 15″ square, so that means the smallest pieces are 1/2″ squares. The design is inspired by a Kaffe Fassett quilt and I just scaled it down to a miniature. Instead of quilting, I tie-tacked the sandwich together. The lattice of dots seems not to distract from the overall design, as regular quilting lines might.

These were super fun swaps and not-swaps and one is still on-going. But I must again publicly thank all my swap partners for such pleasant experiences and for their amazing hand-work. Wow! Thanks!