Let’s talk about an error and my strategy for fixing it?

Contrary to a certain post from earlier, this could also be titled The Trouble With Yellows.

On Crafturday, I spent the morning at work and then did a little stitching. The idea in mind was a rainbow of anagrams of a certain phrase. My first step was to grab a rainbow of floss from the stash. And then for the design, I noodled with the anagrams on paper, choosing some goofier ones; I chose my favorite font to match my handwriting from the noodling; and finally I just grabbed a scrap of linen off the pile randomly.

anagrams: in progress

So it turns out that that’s the wrong order of choices. Notice how that yellow stitching is illegible? There’s not enough contrast between the shade of yellow and the tone of the linen. The yellow is also too bright for this purpose.

I have gathered up my yellows.


And will spend a couple of days staring at this configuration to choose more wisely. Any ideas?


The design deserves a stitched border too. And I have no idea what that’ll look like.

Back to the drawing board!