Thanks for your advice on the yellow dilemma yesterday. I ended up going with the darker mustard, but it has the same issue with poor contrast. It seems that the yellow-ish just isn’t meant to occur on this linen. I also got worried about pulling out the threads again since the linen is looking weary now. It doesn’t matter, though, because I broke one of my Cardinal Rules of Crafting Safety.

You know The Rules: never expose it to bright light; never get it wet; and never feed it after midnight.

Oh, no no no. Not those rules.

The Cardinal Rules are: Never bring food anywhere near the crafting areas. Wash your hands before touching any crafting thing. You may drink only water near the crafting.

I got peckish. I had a little square of chocolate, but I didn’t wash my hands. It was just a teeny-tiny square! And there is now a dark chocolate smear on the fart bomber.

It’s a good thing that this is a small design. I’ll start again on some bleached linen with colorfast floss this time. And I’ll use this stitchery for some patchwork.

RIP, fart bomber #1.