Here’s the usual warning for those who bristle at the use of the full English language. You might not like some of the words herein. Come back tomorrow for some pickles! Seriously, there will be cucumbers and then pickles.

Also? If you’re at work, you might not want to scroll down right now. Come back later!
Hands-down best show of the 21st century? I dunno. I hate answering questions like that.


I will say that one of the best tv shows of the early 21st century is The Wire. The stories are rich and real; the acting is superb; and the writers of the future better be studying these scripts. Read and learn, young writers. Read and learn.

I own the box set of dvds but I haven’t watched in a year or so. However, I think about Omar Little all the time–especially when I eat Honey Nut Cheerios.


Anyway, it was thriiling to happen upon Adrian’s pin of Detective “Bunk” Moreland last week. A buncha lines flooded into my mind in an instant. And so, of course, something needed to be commemorated in stitches.


But these things must happen in pairs, right?


And what better than yet another phrase I’d love to use often, but would never say?


Feels like it’s time to watch the series again and see if there’s not a way to capture Omar Little in redwork.

It’s all in the game…