Thanks for your kind comments on the samplers yesterday! They are fun little weekend projects that make me giggle…mostly.

Here are disorganized answers to some of your questions:

  • If you haven’t seen The Wire, I must ask what you’re waiting for. It is gritty realism in urban Baltimore presented in a smart and creative way. Of course, I haven’t really watched Lost or Buffy or BSG so I’m sure I, too, am missing out on certain popular cultural phenomena too.
  • I think I’ll do a post about redwork in general and about the materials I like to use. Just quickly: yeah for these goofy projects, I do like this aida. And, yeah, I do just have a couple of piles of redwork here in my house. Someday they will become something else but for now the redwork is just like doodling for me.
  • Yes, Felicia Pearson was arrested on drug charges. Many of the actors on The Wire were cast locally for several great reasons and she was one of these townies who really shined on-screen playing a lead role, Snoop. I am not in a position to answer the actual question that was asked. That is, I doubt that the actress was copying her character. In reality, she likely is just living the life she lives. It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. [ETA: Mary-Heather pointed me to this thoughtful article reporting a response from David Simon, creator of The Wire. All this happened back in March, but I haven’t found news of resolution in the case other than that she entered a guilty plea earlier this week.]
  • I was surprised to hear this one too! According to the Huffington Post, Michael Kenneth Williams (who played Omar) will be on Community in the Fall, playing a biology professor who was just recently released from jail. While I’m glad to see the actor continuing to get good work, someday I wish he could be seen in a role as a great dad living a good life. I could go on and on about racism in Hollywood, but maybe we can save that for another day…

Now…I promised that there would be pickles today.

I kinda wish I had a big backyard of my own where I could plant a veg garden and have a bounteous summer. You know, there’d be gnomes and unicorns romping around and not a single weed in sight.

But, of course, I have just a tiny allotment. And it suffers attacks from over-eager weeding landlords and hungry deer. Umm, and I’m too lazy to learn the best times to plant stuff. That means that this is the extent of the “bounty” this year:


Not the onion, just the cucumbers. [Just in case someone asks, the grumpy kitty mug is from Danmade Pottery.]


To preserve them, I pickled using Alton Brown’s recipe. Beware: with 3 batches of his slurry I got 5 cukes all whipped up into 4 big Mason jars. I’ve used the recipe before and found that the resulting pickles are delicious, but just need a little salt.


And that’s it. I wish there were tomatoes. The plants grew up way taller than I am, but they never bloomed. The pepper plant just got flowers this week, so there might be some hope there in a few weeks. I am still in mourning for the radish plants that were some deer’s lunch and the strawberries and the pumpkin vine that were pulled up without thought. Oh well…but the potatoes I planted seem healthy. Maybe.

All in all, I think I might actually be too lazy to add yet another thing to my summer days, but I think that serious veg gardening is still a goal for the future.