Alternate title: I might be obsessed.

So The Perfect Scoop arrived earlier in the week and I shoved it aside because I also got Fearless Fair Isle Knitting and I couldn’t put that down.

But Thursday afternoon I managed to crack open The Perfect Scoop and skim a bit. It’s a lovely book and I look forward to reading in-depth this weekend. I was shocked to see how simple the sorbet recipes were. Equally energizing was that I had the ingredients on-hand for one of his recipes. Okay, I changed the proportions, but I used his ideas.

Back in May and June I participated in a local organic co-op. They brought bananas–great mountains of bananas–every week and eventually I got behind in the eating. And there’s only so much banana bread one can take. So some of them ended up dark brown on the counter. Someone somewhere suggested chopping them up and freezing for use in smoothies. Not wanting to waste food, I decided to try it. And thank goodness! The frozen bananas were perfect for this. From the same co-op deliveries, I’d frozen organic blueberries.

For one quart of Blueberry Banana Sorbet:

In a blender puree 3 medium sized frozen bananas, 1 cup of frozen blueberries, 1/2 cup sugar, 3/4 cup water, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and 1 tbsp vodka. (The vodka is optional. It is only used to impede hard freezing and ice crystallization.) Then run this puree through a cycle of your ice cream maker using manufacturer’s instructions.

sorbet is simple!

The consistency is soft but firm and it’s perfectly edible right out of the machine. I then froze overnight to get the frozen ball shot this morning.

frozen balls

Ah! A delicious breakfast!

Because the bananas were so ripe, they were quite sweet and I could have cut back on the sugar a little. But, otherwise, this made a creamy decadent healthy fat-free dessert in less than 30 minutes. Nom! You could do this with non-frozen (ripe!) bananas, but chill the puree in the fridge for a couple of hours before putting it through the ice cream maker.

This weekend I plan to try to make some frozen yogurt flavored with espresso…