After working full-time (6 or 7 days a week) all summer, it’s particularly annoying to be in my office. While I disengage to recover before a quick start to the new year, my colleagues are emerging refreshed–as if from hibernation–and gearing up for the new year. It can be difficult to explain that we are out of synch and they rarely comprehend my own fatigue.

And so I have retreated. I am taking a few days off away from the office and away from email because it’s what I need. Now the weather here is absolutely frightful–severe thunderstorms and impending floods, so this is a decidedly indoor vacation.

There is sewing.

how i left things.

There is knitting.


There is embroidery.


And there is lots of reading going on.

It seems I’m vacationing in the mountains in my mind. After watching the IMAX Everest film I found myself wanting more depth of understanding of techniques of mountaineering, of high-altitude adventurers, and of the 1996 tragedy on the Big E. In one afternoon I devoured Into Thin Air and today I’m reading rebuttals and follow-up stories from the past 15 years in Outside magazine, on Salon, in The Climb and in myriad other sources.

And then I’m moving on to K2.