Well, so I made a valiant attempt at working through all my email. The inbox for RealJob killed me dead though. So…how about we start with a clean slate here? I answered all the questions that came in within blog posts last week, so I hope this is okay. I’ll be sure to be vigilant in the future.

While slogging away in responding to too many queries about textbooks, I did manage to spin more frozen delights!

First, there is Vietnamese coffee ice cream. I mashed up recipes from the Ben & Jerry’s book and The Perfect Scoop using espresso, cream, sweetened condensed milk and finely ground coffee beans. The consistency is softer than usual and…sticky. The caramel-y coffee flavor is well worth the textural issues.

vietnamese coffee ice cream

Second, there is coffee frozen yogurt from The Perfect Scoop. It’s made with whole milk yogurt and heavy cream, with sugar, espresso and finely ground coffee beans. The texture is light and fluffy and melts on the tongue like a dream. I love the sour tang of the yogurt but wish for a more intense coffee flavor.

coffee froyo

So now the freezer is nicely re-stocked with strawberry ice cream, blueberry-banana sorbet, and these coffee confections. so I’ll put the ice cream maker away for a few weeks.

Up next food-wise is the hunt for quick meals for two…