I am fortunate that many of my online quilting friends have generously shared their fabric scraps with me over the years. Those have been turned into several scraptacular quilts but it seems that I’ve gotten bogged down. That is, it has become rare for me to sew from non-scrap stash even though I keep adding yardage to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the process of sewing from lots of scraps and I am forever grateful to those who donate to my insane pursuits, but I sometimes do feel like I’m working with someone’s garbage. In fact, one quilter did send me her trash–mostly unusable fabric dust–and it can feel insulting to embark on the search for treasures in her donations. But most send me clean pieces–small pieces (though at least 1″ square)–and it’s thrilling to wonder what to do with it all.

But it’s time for me to clean the slates. I want to use the rest of these scraps so that I can focus on making quilts from yardage without guilt. And so I am making this Compost Quilt inspired by this antique quilt that I learned of through Tonya’s stunning project..

creepy kitties

I have cut the remaining scrap fabrics into squares (2.5″, 4″ and 5″) and strips (1.5″). The 5″ squares will be mailed off to NV to a quilter making a value quilt; the other squares will be stored for two on-going projects and the strips are becoming this.

strip piecing

Here’s the idea: sew 1.5″ strips together into one gigantic strip. Then use this big strip to make 12.5″ square blocks that are 12 strips wide. Ta da! In the end, the blocks are arranged in an alternating pattern as in traditional rail fence quilts, but with a little care in the outer blocks which are not alternated. Take a close look at the photos in the link (above) to the antique quilt.

compsting in progress...

I plan to keep making these blocks until I get bored or until I run out of 1.5″ strips, so this could be a pretty big quilt…or it might just be my usual size. We’ll see.