Jacey asked if the Compost Quilt project has made a discernible dent in the scrap stash. I am happy to report that it has…sort of. But what it has taught me is that quilt tops require far less fabric than I readily admit.


Sadly, I keep adding more to the stash of yardage, albeit in the form of fat quarters now. I’ll be able to continue the scrappy enterprise without overly investing in one print or another. Here are some recent additions.

I’ve gone particularly batty for vintage bed linens and my favorite pusher provider is Jeni of In Color Order. She also has a lovely blog with fun tutorials on how to organize fabric stash and how to combine colors.

vintage linens

Now my “love” of using vintage linens is entirely theoretical, since I haven’t yet used them. Heh. Some of this collection was purchased last December and has been taunting me.

more vintage linens

On the other hand, my love of Suzuko Koseki’s fabric designs is no secret and very much confirmed. In fact, Ayumi organized a few quilters to proclaim this love to SK in coaster form. We each were assigned a letter in her name and then were free to design a coaster that used a bit of SK fabric. Go check out the different results! There are some really creative ones, while mine is just a simple geometric with some crude applique.

Anyway, when Ayumi delivered the coasters to SK, SK gave her some more recent fabrics to share with all of us. Of course, as a group, we chose each to get a little bit of fabric rather than let one person in the group have all the big pieces. Now I don’t see myself using these bits anytime soon. I am a filthy hoarder of SK fabric. I am ashamed. Sue me.

SK bits

Now, Ayumi moved back to Japan in the past few months and she continues to run her etsy shop, selling small cuts of fabric delights that are largely inaccessible to us in the US.

new fun bits

It’s always fun to see what she’s found. Check the history of sales to see some of the prints.

Oh, and what about the scrap giveaway here? Well, I went on over to Random.org and had it pick 4 from among the 60 comments. And the winners are: Maggie, Ruth, (blogless) Justine in CT, and serenapotter. Email me with your addresses so I can get the fabrics in the mail.

Have a great weekend, folks! Stay safe, especially if Irene is headed your way…

Full disclosure: I receive no benefit from the shops for this publicity. These are crafters I respect and support with my words and my cold cash. You should at least visit their blogs to see how amazing their work is!