I had a different post in mind for today, but Irene might have slowed the USPS and so I can’t reveal that secret project yet.

How about an update on the Compost Quilt? I got up to 25 blocks by Tuesday night and thought about the virtues of 60″ square quilts for the next few days. Before deciding about whether to make more blocks, I’m seaming what I have.


I don’t really see that the log cabins and other wacky blocks make a huge difference in the overall effect. But maybe once the whole thing is together there will be a couple of vortices here and there?

Tonya posted a tutorial on how she makes her blocks, how she chooses colors, lengths, etc. It’s not so different from how I make mine. It’s neat to see how different the colors are turning out for each of us. I have a more limited fabric palette that is decidedly more primary color-wise, while I am in love with the rich red-blue-purple appearance of Tonya’s quilt.


And more creepy kitties. I might not be able to be in the same room with this quilt once it’s done. Heh. Oh, and if you look closely at Tonya’s blocks, you’ll definitely find some creepy kitties that I donated to her project! So fun.

Here are some recent faves to help you recover from the Creepy Kitty Shivers.

My creation

1. Bet you can’t eat just one!, 2. made in france, 3. Mendocino, 4. 8.20.2011, 5. www.flickr.com/photos/juliefrick/6050461635/in/faves-cauc… , 6. New Colours

Have a great weekend! Oh, and I just remembered that it’ll be Labor Day. Unfortunately, at RealJob, we don’t observe most holidays. I’ll be laboring on Labor Day, so have some extra fun on my behalf, please!