I’m a little bit all over the place today. Finally sat down and wrote my to-do list and had a panicky moment. Seems like I need to take some time to breathe before hunkering down and getting it all done.

How about some recent faves? Well, these particular faves are also reminders to craft more fearlessly. I’ve felt like I’m in a creative rut for a couple of months due in part to relying on relatively simple and traditional skills learned long ago and practiced incessantly. I must sew curves like Dan! I must knit garments like Stacie! And I must indulge in my own original concepts more, much like Sonya!

Friday Faves

1. flowers, 2. Pear blossom, 3. pinwheel dahlia, 4. twilight aria, 5. Dressy Dress Dress, 6. inside view

With all these ambitions, the sense of overwhelm is strong as RealJob suddenly goes from 0 to 60 in the next week or so. But if I go back to project monogam-ish-ness, maybe I won’t feel so scattered in the crafting realm? Yes. That is the way. Now where to start? I think I want to quilt up a stack of finished tops, with the goal of finishing about one each week. Once a top is basted, I can start and stop quilting quite easily just by leaving it on the machine ready to go. I could even set the goal of learning how to free-motion quilt in-between tops?

Well, and how about more pillowcases? I’m planning a series of Stacie stitches. They are quickie projects once the idea gels and they are portable. So they might be perfect sidelines to bigger quilting endeavors.

gotta watch your back.

Yes, it’s THAT Stacie. Heh.

Have a great weekend!