So that whole monogam-ish thing? Pshaw! I have no willpower. I am a full-out project whore. [Well, Dan suggests that project polyamorous is a more positive term for this state of being and I agree.] Two new ultra-long-term things started up this past weekend. Here’s part of one of them. I’ll talk about the concept some other time. Let’s navel-gaze instead.


While I was taking these photos, I noticed more damage and aging in my favorite coffee mug. It’s been my steady morning companion for about ten years. It’s the perfect shade of green, holds just the right amount of heavenly nectar, and fits my hands like no other mug can.


But look at the chipping on the rim. And the big crack down the inside. Is it time to put it on the desk, fill it with pencils, and move on to a new mug? Maybe so, if I want to avoid lead poisoning.

nectar of the gods.

Well, I commit to things until they do me wrong. Another example is that I am still using this conehead coffeemaker gotten in 2003 that I briefly deemed dead back in 2008.

day one seven one: morning prayers

Yeah, the parts are all still gnarly, but there’s no beating the coffee it brews up in the perfect small amount.

Farewell, brave coffee soldier.  [Apr 17, 08]

Well, I do use a french press from time to time, keeping the extra in my thermos. The big issue is that the coffee is high-octane and gives me super crazy jitters. [I’m cowering just writing about it right now and I’d still drink way too much.] And I whine about the clean-up.

Morning artillery. [Jan 17, 08]

The conehead machine used with the trusty green mug is so comforting in many many ways. I’d be very sad to change my morning ritual, but it looks like it might need to happen soon.

I could go on in the same way about other stuff in my life. My car? I’ve had it for 16 years, and have put less than 70K miles on it…so I kinda hope it lasts another 16 years. Heh.

I think someone will have to come over here and confiscate the mug to get me to stop using it.