Thanks for the advice on mugs, folks! I have a zillion mugs here–kind of like a minor league team–and I’ll be spending the next week or so auditioning them to see which one will become the new fave. Not gonna lie, I did get myself a zig zag mug yesterday at my very quiet local T*get and it did a passable job getting the coffee into my mouth this morning. [Heh. I also got a zig zag shoebox–the shoes are off to a friend in Chicago now.]

I want to tell you about a wealth of inspiration that arrived a little over a week ago. Sweet reader, Dee, sent me an email out of the blue to offer me a stack of old books (in the foreground, below). My house is stuffed with art and crafting books but the titles she mentioned were very intriguing so I accepted the offer. Thanks, Dee, for thinking of me!


Let’s take a look inside a couple of them! I think that today I’ll just show you the things I immediately reacted to. Each book does contain something I hope to do something with in my own work in the near future. But these things here today are interesting in their own right–anthropologically speaking…maybe?


The most exciting one is this stitchery book. It has great fonts for embroidery.

embroidery peek

And it has lovely examples of free-hand designs. The samples are still fresh and new: happily improvisational in style.

But then I swear the theme from The Cosby Show started playing in the room when I got to these books. I felt my hair get all big and I leaned down to peg-roll my jeans.


As a young Floridian during the 80s, knitting of sweaters was far from my reality. But even now I must say that I’d never imagined anyone handknitting these gems.

more intarsia


Oversized plus-sized intarsia masterpieces.


Wow, that’s a lot of knitting! Some are elegant, others are interesting, and I am suddenly inspired to knit! Seriously. If I ever learn how to do intarsia, I am going to recapture this look with my own style.

This last book…, well, you be the judge.


I quickly flipped to the pattern inside to see if there was a less frightful photo, but…


While the book does contain some really interesting vintage knitting and sewing patterns that I’ve added to my queue, it has high-kitsch-value gems like this crocheted Barbie bikini. Or is it lingerie? I might have spied a pattern for a crocheted Barbie stripper pole in there.


I’ll show you some of the more elegant excerpts from this stack of books next week, maybe.

Thanks again, Dee!