I can’t believe it’s Friday already. No, seriously, this week got away from me somewhere in there because I am sinking into the quicksand of RealJob. Soon I’ll be completely buried, but I wanted to show you some stuff.


I won a giveaway on Jacey‘s blog! She generously offered up some handknit lace shawls and I won her Ishbel. I never win these blog giveaway things, so I kinda hyperventilated when she told me.


She also sent me some nice big chunks of Outside Oslo. I’ve been lusting after that fabric… *drool*


Now, I’ve wanted an Ishbel for a couple of years. And to my delight, the one I made a swap agreement for suddenly arrived in my mailbox yesterday from Anne! She also sent a super cute handknit bear.


Thanks, Anne and Jacey! These will be my go-to scarves for Autumn this year.


With Lauren and Phoe, I’m doing a yoke-along. That is, we all intended to knit sweaters with colorwork yokes. They are both making swift progress and will soon hit the juicy fun of the colorwork yokes! Go ahead, click on those links to see their progress on their gorgeous sweaters.


On the other hand, I stupidly decided that I wanted all-over colorwork in my sweater and that it should be knit in fingering weight yarn on tiny sticks. And so…well…my progress is slow as molasses. It took forever to do just one round of 398 stitches in ribbing! But I’m loving the project and hope to make some steady headway over the next few months.

Now, if you are a knitter in the know, you will detect a steek in that bit of sweater. It’s gonna be a cardigan and then there will be steeks for the sleeves too. I’m trying not to panic yet about eventually cutting my knitting.


And in the ultimate demonstration of project whoring polyamory, I started yet another new quilt on Wednesday. At least it was quick to sew and it’s well into the quilting stage…

c'est un autre projet neuf.

If RealJob allows time for breathing this weekend, then I hope to finish the quilt by Monday!

Have a great weekend!