So…there were some questions about the blanket I showed a glimpse of on Wednesday.

Viewmaster: still in progress

Is there a pattern? Absolutely. I am following this Attic 24 how-to. It’s a very detailed explanation of almost every step of the construction. If you know how to chain and double crochet then you’re ready to start.


What yarn are you using? For almost all of my blankets I use a variety of affordable worsted weight yarns: KP WotA, Cascade 220, Valley Yarns Northampton. I keep a stash of zillions of colors because I believe in using lots of colors and using them often.


Gosh, I’d never make something like this because I hate weaving in all those ends. How do you deal with them? Hmm…for one thing I don’t let that kind of worry keep me from project like this; I have a high tolerance for certain types of tedium in crafting. But the real thing is that in this entire blanket there will be only one end to weave in with a darning needle: the final end after seaming the final hexagon. I just crochet over the ends when I do a color change and I trap in the other ends (as done in knitting colorwork) when I seam the hexagons.


How are you seaming the hexagons? Well, I almost always use a slipped stitch seam using the same color of yarn as the hexagon I am adding. You can read about it here although I do it slightly different.


Doesn’t the Attic 24 how-to tutorial thingie teach an easier way to join the hexagons? Well, “easier” is one of those things…I personally don’t find her technique any easier or harder than mine. But I certainly do prefer the finished appearance of my traditional seams. There are lots of way to seam. Try some until you find what you like.


How far along are you? I am more than half but less than three-quarters done with the hexagons. It’s hard to tell how long it will take me to finish, though. RealJob, oy. I both need time to slow down so I can get stuff done, but also I hope that December gets here sooner.

Have a great weekend, friends!