After 5 days of computer coma, it’s back! There are some glitches to fix up, but all my data is here and stuff seems to work now.

Whoa, folks. I never realized how much I relied on having a computer around both to get my RealJob done and to interact with other crafters online. It truly is impossible to do my RealJob without significant time invested in the evenings and I’ve always saved tasks like email to this time. I am now buried under a mountain of messages and incredibly behind on lots of work. I’m also behind on responding to your comments. I’ll get back to you all soon!


So…can I tell you about last weekend? I got to spend some time at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. The drive up was smooth until about a 3 mile radius of the fairgrounds, at which point the state police directed us knitters to just abandon our cars off the side of the highway and get onto school buses. This was the first time the parking was so swampy that they took this measure.

Anyway, I just went with the flow and got a big surprise. The front row of my school bus was filled with Ann and Kay! I was really looking forward to meeting these lovely ladies at the event and just got super lucky. We only got to chat for a little while before the bus filled up and we were on our way. Oddly, once we entered the fairgrounds, we never saw each other again. This here is a crappy iPhone shot of Kay feverishly knitting on a blanket hoping to finish before getting there.

Kay knitting on the school bus

No…seriously. She was knitting a cashmere blanket!

it's cashmere!

We got there in the middle of the Ravelry meet-up and my mind reeled as I spun around looking at all the folks I wanted to reconnect with or meet for the first time. It just wasn’t a good place for my brand of shyness, but I’m glad I went since it was my only chance to see some of these folks.

Rhinebeck collage

(clockwise from top left) me, Kirsten, Elspeth, Ann, Jessie, Stacey, Elinor and Stacie.

After that, though, I met up with an old friend from grad school and her friends. We stayed out of the rain as we wandered through the llamas and alapacas. I named this spotted one Norman. Trust me, he’s cute.

norman's butt

Excalibur (in the front here) made a continual sad sound. I kinda wanted to take him home with me. Too bad I still rent.


Then I was off to the book signing to meet Gale Zucker. We only had a couple of minutes to interact so I hope someday to meet her again. Her new book Craft Activism is super and you should go get yourself one!

Oh, and there was bad-for-me food.

the food

I will be bold and say that the best part of my day was when the amazing Norwegian colorwork knitter Ann made time just to sit and talk for an hour. She is such a lovely person and I have quite a bit to learn from her. I operate way better in small group discussions and it was easier to focus and feel a sense of calm. While there, some folks wandered up. Misa is knitting one of Ann’s blanket patterns right now.

Ann and Misa

Look at all that colorwork in one place! I wanted to die.


And it was super sweet to get to meet Yarny Old Kim! We only got to talk for a minute about iPads and zombies.

All in all, it was a nice day. My visit was far too brief. Oh, and I only bought 220 yds of yarn–for a friend in Canada. No new stash for me. :o)