You guys, I am way too excited about my new quilt to wait until it’s bound to show it to you. Forgive me?

Disclaimer: If you have issues with the use of the full English vocabulary, then you might get a bit flustered by this quilt. And it’s mildly NSFW. Come back later!
So…here’s the story. I went to Rhinebeck much too long ago and got to meet Eling, the super amazing fiber pusher dyer/carder/purveyor at Traveling Rhinos. I brought her a golden miniquilt and she brought me some lovely fabrics.

From Eling

Check out those cats! The folded piece on the left is some Nani Iro and on the right are batiked pups because she knows of my current obsession with puppies. You know, photos of puppies are currently my drug. I just look at one and instantly I relax. If I weren’t allergic, I’d get a real one.

But I digress.

The point here is that she also gave me that postcard there. It’s something I say in my head all the time both at RealJob and when wandering around on the interwebs looking at great quilts and stuff. Like when I saw this amazing quilt top by Maritza Soto. Yikes! Anyway, there was something galvanizing about seeing it in print.

Jump to three days later… Last Wednesday had an eerie open calendar and so I made it my Saturday and spent a few hours patchworking.


It felt really really good to cut and seam and it almost didn’t matter how things looked. Just going through the motions was meditative and refreshing. I managed to get it all basted up by Saturday.


And through steady slow short sessions between RealJob stuff I got it all quilted up in a 3/4″ diagonal lattice by late Sunday night.


The contrast of colors on the “so” is too subtle, but it doesn’t mess with the message. Though it does make me reexamine the use of yellows since this is the second time this year I’ve gotten burned by some yellow…hmm. Again, though, I don’t mind it in this one.

yep, you are.

Yeah, you are!

The binding? Oy. I could have finished it by now, but it’s been agonizing to choose a fabric. I cut a green leaf print and contemplated some durable neutral fabrics and none of them really work for me. So Franken-binding it will be!

The Details:

Materials: muslin, various solids from stash
Techniques: machined pieced improvisationally; ideas for lettering from this book, machine quilted; will be hand-bound
Finished size: 72″ x 63″
Started: October 19, 2011
Quilting finished: October 23, 2011
Finished: ??? soon!