Things have been relatively silent over here because RealJob is kicking me while I’m down. After several weeks of daily duties, though, I finally took this past Saturday off and got a chance to breathe. It was also nice to have that extra hour thrown in yesterday. Also? Now that it gets brighter in the morning I might be able to get more photos to share with you.

Dork that I am, I’m really excited about some of the things I’ve done and I have lots of advice to request, so I plan to share with you daily this week to catch up on stuff. What’s funny is that high stress at work results in lots of new things started in the creative realm. It makes no sense. I just end up even more overwhelmed, but it seems to be a hunt for just the right project to get absorbed in. And I think I found it. I’ll show you that one later.

Best place to start on Monday is with a positive affirmation. Right?

And, of course, here’s the disclaimer: If you have issues with the use of the English language, you might not want to scroll any further. Go have a cookie and come back for a blanket or a colorful quilt tomorrow. And if you’re at work, then come back when you get home tonight.

. Are we ready?
There’s a bit of a cottage industry developing over here.


I can’t stop making stuff with this phrase on it.


Because, damn it, it’s true!

yep, you are!

I’ve been sending these latest redwork stitches off to live with folks who inspire me and this one is no different. I’ll pop it in the mail later today and hope the recipient appreciates it.

For good measure, let’s say it again!


Maybe tomorrow I’ll show a tame blanket? Or maybe another potty-mouthed something-or-other? Tune in…!