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Do you know your human anatomy? Let’s get specific. Do you know your female reproductive anatomy? How about the uterine cervix?

My super talented friend Sonya recently launched The Felt Cervix Project, collecting handknit cervices from many volunteers all over the world for an art installation to heighten awareness of female sexual and reproductive health.

If you know how to knit, click on through and consider making a cervix or two to send her. The cervix pattern only requires knitting in the round, basic increases (make 1), simple decreases (knit 2 together), and a tiny bit of seaming.

I knit four cervices this past weekend. Here are a couple of deflated cervices.

in progress

The knitting of each cervix took me only about 20 minutes. The pattern is well-written and easy to memorize.


My attention span is equivalent to that of a squirrel these days so it was a challenge to knit the pattern over and over again. I kept it interesting by making a two-toned cervix.


And I made a fancy cervix with stripes. If I had more time, I’d make a bedazzled cervix, a silk cervix, a velvet cervix, a denim cervix, a bigger cervix, a smaller cervix, a lumpy cervix, and a shiny cervix. My cervix is special. So is yours.


Heh. They are like a stack of pink donuts. Cervix donuts.

Can you say…cervix?

The Details:

Pattern: Felt Cervix
Materials: KnitPicks Telemark (carnation and passion heather; one ball of each); wool fiber for stuffing
Sticks: US 8 (5mm) dpns