Within this flurry of fleeting activity on lots of things, my mind wouldn’t lock into the right project for right now.

The affirmative cross stitch took weeks to do, just laying down a few x’s whenever I felt the spirit. There will always be some stitchery project going on; I’m just waiting for the next spark of inspiration. The cervix pattern is quick and easy and satisfying in an immediate way; I might even make a couple more this weekend since it’s a rather portable project. Those ripples, while pretty, are extremely repetitive and leave little room for creativity; I am committed to finishing it though. The improvisational patchwork became tedious quickly and my sewing room is now rather seemingly unalterably chilly during the hours that I could be sewing. Maybe I need to wear a snuggie for sewing?

Geez, am I Goldilocks?

Well, yes. But there is nothing good about working on projects when it feels like WORK. My life is almost all RealJob these days and the moments when I can disengage need to be supremely relaxing and/or meaningful. So the search for the perfect project is necessary and definitely not wasteful. I learn something new with each start and each of the started things will get done eventually.

And thank goodness I won’t be chased by Mama Bear and Papa Bear when I get comfortable in Baby Bear’s crochet.

Via Pinterest, while sipping my morning coffee one day last week, I found this lovely scrappy blanket and immediately began studying the free pattern. The pattern is a difficult read, but there are some videos that illustrate the process nicely. I was so intrigued by the engineering that I tossed some yarn and a hook into my book bag so I could try out the pattern during my lunch break that day.


Swatching the pattern was fiddly but fun and I started to see the possibilities for playing within it. I frogged the swatch and now the blanket is growing slowly.


This one is a keeper.

my one true love.

After a week of daily posts, I’ll reduce back to just a few a week until January. Maybe there’ll still be lots to share?

Have a great weekend!