Thanks for your kind comments on the tutorial yesterday! I just wanted to pop in and mention a couple of other things about Scraptacularity, Part II.

In particular, I wanted to show you how I save time while also clearing out some UFOs. Heh.

Turns out that you can achieve far more complex patchwork with the process if you use pre-pieced patchwork. For example, I showed you some handpieced work I’d done that inspired this. Now that was so flawed, it needed to be drastically re-done in order to be used. Instead of re-sewing, I sliced and diced and pieced it into crazy blocks.

how to be crazier

Just combine with other fabrics to fill out the square! I guess I could have just cut the patchwork into 5″ squares, but I like the idea of mixing it all up more.

And what about extra blocks from old projects? I was sad to find a few 6 year old orphans in my studio and even sadder to see how sloppily I matched points on these. That must be why these didn’t make it into the quilt.


Slice and then recombine. Note that I made some radical decisions on how to add more pieces that resulted in chopping off a chunk of this triangle. You can always change course: add a piece of fabric, trim back to the seam allowance, and keep on going.

radical collage

Here’s how some of the new blocks made from this orphan block turned out.


And my conscience is clear. No more orphan and I’ve already pieced the crazy quilt blocks into a quilt top. I’ll show you that quilt tomorrow!