At the end of a long stressful day, I come home to work a few hours more. To clear my head, I’ll grab some yarn-y thing. It has to be a simple, relaxing yarn-y thing because I am more than likely to nod off between rows, wake up a moment, knit another row, and then nod off again. This might be why almost everything I knit is garter stitch.

Without a blanket project-of-the-moment on the sticks, apparently I cast on for a new log cabin.


No, really. I did this in my sleep, it seems, and then found this in the morning. I liked the darks together and decided it would be nice to experiment with the darker end of the yarn stash in this project.


This is after 100 grams of grey and 50 grams of purple (or “claret”). Seems worthy of continuing. You can see the start of some blue in the top left. And it’ll be fun to round up the palette and see where this heads.

Perhaps I’ll start calling this the Sleepknitting Blanket?