Well, so I’ve been devoted to RealJob lately and fell behind on email and all the other trappings of an online presence. It feels good to be so absorbed and enjoy it, for a change, but it does mean there’s been little making going on to show you here. And, surprisingly, I haven’t missed it much. Slow and steady progress will lead to more to share with you eventually, of course, and it’s nice to feel a patient calm in crafting rather than my more usual breakneck pace in all parts of life.

Here’s a brief update.


The handpiecing project went on hold while I gathered more fabric. This brand of shot cotton is discontinued and so re-stocking for this is challenging. I gathered bits and pieces from all over the place. Apart from a deep want for some of the dark blue, this stack feels complete and it might be time to re-devote to this. Once the block pieces are cut and marked, the sewing rhythm is pleasant and the finished blocks always make me a little giddy.



The new dark log cabin Sleepknitting Blanket (or Somnambulist Blanket? or somesuch?) has reached the slower outer orbits just by taking up the sticks shortly before bedtime every night. But, you know how the early rows are so short they seem to fly off the needles? The work is now at the point where knitting a row seems to have no effect on the overall size of the piece. It might also be the right time to begin improvising more dramatically to increase the interest level both visually and morally. The commitment to the darker color range and a vow of no new yarn mean that I’m also up against stash limitations that present new challenges in deciding what colors to use and when and how to vary them.

still building.


And there’s been one hour of spinning in the past week! I finally finished up some skeins that I started spinning last July. Some, plied back in December, just needed a bath and a whack, while others came from bobbins of stale singles that needed to be plied.


I guess I finished 5 hanks. My favorite is a patchwork 3-ply made by chain plying all the leftover singles to clear off all the bobbins.


Spinning is one of those activities that requires a deep well of mojo for me to indulge. I tend to have a frenzy of spinning up quite a few hanks and then not touch the wheel for months–or a year. Feels like I might just spin down the stash and then sell the wheel soon. There’s the additional complication that this is how I “use” the yarn. Oy.


In quilting, I have several impulsive patchworks in mind, I need to get the Give a F*ck top assembled, and I want to put together my bee quilts. With all of these, I’m more interested in the patchwork process, so I’ll likely ship them off to a longarmer for quilting. Unfortunately, I’m super particular about the handsewing of bindings, so I’ll still finish them off myself.

This list is exhausting and makes me want to retreat back into my work cave. Heh. Kind of a nice turn of events.

I hope you have a great weekend!